A Positive 2020 Retrospect, Seasons Greetings and Closing Times

A Positive 2020 Retrospect, Seasons Greetings and Closing Times

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Haibo! What a year it has been!

I’m sure we speak for most if not all in saying that ‘this year has been nothing short of HECTIC!’

It truly has been a difficult year to remain positive and optimistic against all the struggles we are currently facing. As South African’s, our resilience has been tested, and yet we still try to turn ‘lemons into lemonade’, or should we say ‘pineapples into beer’. 

Without turning a blind eye to the brutal truths that we’ve faced this year, we would like to try to identify some of the silver linings that this year has presented. This is not meant to minimize the harsh reality of an incredibly difficult year. Many have lost loved ones. Many are struggling. Many feel sad, scared, frustrated and broken. But, to rather remind you that there is still beauty in these difficult times, and hope for our country and humanity. 

As a wise man probably said: “One thing we can try to do is to see the good.” 

So here is a shortlist of some incredible things that made us happy this year (in no particular order): 

  • Musicians went virtual to keep us jiving and entertained. 
  • You can make beer with pineapples and other fruits! 
  • Wine tasting went virtual! 
  • Lockdown actually allowed us to spend more quality time with family. 
  • Wearing sweatpants and tees or even just undies became acceptable fashion choices all day, every day.
  • Birdwatching? Yes, please.
  • Thousands of South Africans came together to help donate food and necessities to those in need.
  • People around the country made masks for people who need them most.
  • Restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home.
  • Sure, we might have gained a little weight, but we rediscovered our love for old hobbies like baking and gardening.
  • We learned that home-schooling is hard and finally recognised teachers for the heroes that they are.
  • Health care workers and essential workers are absolute heroes!
  • Weddings still happened over Zoom, and it was beautiful.
  • We realized how much we love and need sports and its ability to unite us.
  •  With toilet paper out of stock, bidets are booming, which is good news for our behinds…and less wasteful.

Well if our list of positive things didn’t help cheer you up, then hopefully the holidays will. 

As the festive season approaches, Physiotherapy Bedfordview would like to wish you and yours a happy festive seasons greetings. 

May you find time to unwind, relax and enjoy the good things life has to offer. 

A Friendly Reminder: COVID-19 is still about, so please remain precautious and wear your mask, wash your hands and stay safe!

Closing Times and Holiday Hours!

Both Harus Road and Bradford Road Practices will remain open throughout the Christmas holiday season for limited hours and bookings. 

If you would like to make an appointment during the period between the 20th December and the 6th of January, please phone 011 615 8601 or 011 021 8601 to make a booking or alternatively click the link below: 

To keep up to date with any changes refer to our online booking platform, MyAppointment, or our social network pages, where you’ll also find great tips to help you stay active and healthy whilst staying at home.

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