Are You Fully Recovered? Check the symptoms HERE.

Proper recovery IS proper training

This is for the active ones, the newbies giving it a go, the hibernators dusting off their tekkies, and the full-time fanatics aiming for an early summer peak. Over-exercising does more harm than good! Your body and its muscles need time to recover, especially after extensive hard workouts or efforts.

The Telltale Signs:

So what should you do about it?

It can be as simple as taking it easy or switching up your routine:

  • Rest & Relax
  • Cross Train, try some new activities or active games instead of focused training sessions
  • Include pilates or yoga in your program
  • In the long run, it is best to get a professional’s opinion and advice on your training plans, exercises and strategies to get you back to your best.
  • Consult Physiotherapy Bedfordview to get your body on the road to recovery.

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