"Hands On Treatment"


Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road has been serving the Bedfordview and surrounding communities since 1983. As the oldest established practise in Bedfordview, we are the pioneers of physiotherapy in this area. We are very proud of our heritage which places a huge emphasis on treatment quality. This is shown by our effort to spend “Hands-On” time with patients.

In 2008 we expanded by opening a second practice, Physiotherapy Bedfordview Harcus Road, in the Raven’s Sport Centre of St.Benedict’s College. Open to the public and serving the local schools, extending our connection to the community.

We place our patient’s health above all else, so don’t just trust it to anyone, Trust it to us.

Our Treatments

Musculoskeletal Pain

Headaches and Migraines

Neck pain

Thoracic spinal pain

Lower back pain

Postural pain related to desk work

Shock Wave Therapy

Stress-related aches and pains

Maintenance and relief of chronic pain

Pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation

Strapping techniques (Sports, Preventative and Therapeutic)

Sports injuries: sprains, strains and overuse injuries of all joint and muscles

Acupuncture and dry needling

Ligament and tendon injuries

Management, rehabilitation and treatment of ALL joint conditions and injuries

Our Practices

Bradford Road Practice

Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road has been serving the Bedfordview and surrounding communities since 1983! It all started on the opposite side of Bradford Road, in the Bedford Centre Office Tower, when Sue joined Paddy Lewis in 1987, until being taken over by its current management when Trevllyn joined in 1996. In 1991 it moved to its current location, in the Bedford Gardens Medical Suites, at No.3 Bradford Road.

Harcus Road Practice

We opened a second practice; Physiotherapy Bedfordview Harcus Road (2008), inside the Raven’s Sport Centre of St. Benedict’s College. We’re proud to be associated with a stalwart of the Bedfordview community like Bennies. It is open to the public and serves various local schools and sports clubs,strengthening our connection with our community. 

Our Team


Sue Barnitt

B.Sc. (Physio) UCT

Sue is a Founding Partner of #PhysiotherapyBedfordview, she could be considered the OG (Original Gangster), and the glue that holds us together. Sue embodies the Physiotherapy Bedfordview’s philosophy of ‘Hands-On’ treatment in her absolute commitment to her patients and the personable and efficient way in which the practices are run.

She has over 30 years of experience and this is clearly evident in every single treatment. Her commitment and perseverance to ensuring that all of her patients understand their pain or injury are able to heal, and sustain their wellness is exceptional, personal and well respected in the medical community. 

She became a physio to avoid having to sit behind a desk and can often be heard telling everyone that she “absolutely loves what she does” and this is abundantly clear at any moment of her day. She enjoys treating headaches, spinal-aches and pains, and post-op orthopaedic rehab and has a particular passion for musculoskeletal and thoracic spinal pain

Born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, she studied in Cape Town, travelled the world, and now works and lives Joburg. Her Top Hobbies are wining, dining, and hiking but not necessarily in that order.

Fun Fact: When asked to choose between cats or dogs, she lightly picked elephants but she really meant one of her 5 grandchildren. 

She is based at Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road, check her availability below and book below.

Trevllyn Murray

B.Sc. (Physio) Wits

Trevllyn , the other Founding Partner of Physiotherapy Bedfordview, is another world-class graduate of WITS physio school, having put her skill into practice in the NHS in West Yorkshire, Leeds University, and Johannesburg General Hospital before becoming a partner in Physiotherapy Bedfordview in 1996.

Gymnastics was her first love and she pursued it all the way to the National Woman’s Gymnastics Squad (1985 – 1987) alongside Ballet, Highland Dancing, Swimming and Athletics.

It’s no surprise she enjoys treating sports injuries, alongside orthopaedic neuromuscular disorders, and headaches.

 Fun Fact: She is as ‘Bedfordview Local’ as one can be, having been raised here in our community.

She is also the chief of our Physiotherapy Bedfordview Harcus Road Practice, check her availability and book below:

Jane MacKinnon

B.Sc. (Physio) UCT

Jane grew up in Cape Town, graduating from UCT as a physiotherapist. Over the years she has (like all our physios) kept up with postgraduate training and continuing professional development, most noticeably in the musculoskeletal field. She has worked both in the UK and South Africa.

Blending her love of running and gym with physiotherapy, her favorite type of physio is specific to running and sport injury rehabilitation, and the inclusion of the concept “Exercise is Medicine”.

Fun Fact 1: She is an avid CrossFit enthusiast and can be found sweating it out and putting youngsters to shame at CrossFit Jozi.

Fun Fact 2: On Saturday mornings, if she isn’t running a parkrun, she will be volunteering at Bezuidenhout parkrun, having fun with the loud-hailer – a slight change from her previous exploits of extreme distance running!!

She is based at Physiotherapy Bedfordview Harcus Road, check her availability and book below:

Nicole Watkins

B.Sc. (Physio) Wits

Nicole became a physio out of her passion for engaging with people and helping them to improve their quality of life, a natural-born healer.

Her specialities lie in TMJ and Vestibular rehabilitation as well as Orthopaedic out-patient, post-op and sports-related knees and ankle injuries.

Her downtime is spent listening to music, baking, or reading a book (on a tropical beach if possible) and preferably with loved ones around for company.

Fun Fact: She is a Manchester United, Taylor Swift and Harry Potter MEGA-fan!

She is based at Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road, check her availability below and book below

Nadine Fourie

B.Sc. (Physio) Stellenbosch

Nadine grew up in the Western Cape and Studied at Stellenbosch University. She did a post-grad specialisation in OMT (the assessment and treatment of neurological, cardiorespiratory and orthopaedic problems through hands-on interventions).

She likes to spend time assessing her patients to find and treat the cause of their pain. She has an interest in psychology and enjoys counselling people, a skill she applies to her patient assessments. Her favorite thing to treat is headaches, neck pain and back pain.

Fun Fact: She is an art buff and enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time, as much as viewing it.

She is based at Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road, check her availability below and book below:

Kate Latchmiah

B.Sc. (Physio) Wits

Kate was born and raised in Kensington, and graduated as a physiotherapist from Wits. With a background in the subacute setting, Kate has developed an interest in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation. 

Kate is very empathetic towards her patients. She treats them with a firm hand yet gentle approach, as she guides them through their rehabilitation journey.

On a personal note- when Kate is not running around with her two lovely children, she can be found pottering around the garden, or starting her latest DIY project at home. 

Fun Fact 1– Kate enjoys most board games, and has an extremely competitive streak. She is a fiend when it comes to 30 seconds. 

Fun Fact 2– Kate is an animal lover, and a sucker for a sad story- as a result she has three rescue dogs and three rescue cats.

All the Physiotherapists regularly attend courses and are all fully accredited with the SASP (South African Society of Physiotherapy) and with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa). This means we are up-to-date with the latest medical techniques and qualified to give you the best Hands-On care. 

Physiotherapy Bedfordview charges Medical Aid Rates and deals with the Medical Aids directly on behalf of all our patients. Continuously striving for excellence, we treat our patients from the acute stages to full recovery. We educate our patients into rehabilitation programs of exercising, stretching and strengthening to enable them to live without pain after an injury.

The practice operates out of 2 locations in the Bedfordview area. Physiotherapy Bedfordview serves the community of Bedfordview, Kensington, Edenvale, Primrose, and surrounding areas. The practices have an excellent service record in the retirement villages, schools and sports clubs in these areas.

Our ethos is to spend as much Hands-On time with patients in our strive to give them the specific care and treatment they need. We place our patients’ health at the highest level of importance and will do everything possible to achieve success in treating our patients. Don’t just trust your health to anyone. Trust it to us.

Our Team


Estelle Burns

office manager Bradford Road

Enid de Carvalho

Credit controller Bradford road

Eileen Mackintosh


Zama Mdlalosi

office support Bradford Road

Tania Gumbi

office manager Harcus Road

Lizzi Chingwalungwalu

Office support Harcus Road