Accidents happen when we least expect them…

Accidents happen when we least expect them…

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Have you ever closed a car door on your hand, bumped your head on your own furniture, or stubbed your toe on a step you walk over every single day? I don’t think there’s a single person on this planet who hasn’t experienced some kind of injury. The funny thing about these injuries is they tend to happen when we least expect them! 

This 17 year old unfortunately found himself with a fractured femur after a motorcycle accident. He then developed osteomyelitis 4 months later (an infection in the bone) and was then flown into South Africa for treatment. Eight months later he was discharged from the hospital, having no movement in his knee and a full 5.8cm of leg shortening.


With the help of the amazing Gawie Otto Orthotic team we finally got him his new shoes that would start the process to get him back on his feet! These photos can hardly convey the amount of excitement he had.


Unfortunately, we as humans are fragile and clumsy beings, so accidents strike whenever and wherever. However, we hope that this story goes to show that no matter how dire the circumstances are, with a good attitude and the right team of people, nothing is impossible.

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