Sports Physios and the Olympics…

Sports Physios and the Olympics…

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What is sports physiotherapy?


Sports therapy is a specialisation of physiotherapy that is primarily focused on the physical assessment and treatment of injuries related to sports. There is very little difference between a normal musculoskeletal physiotherapist and a sports physiotherapist in their training and knowledge. However, they differ more in the types of physical injuries they will treat in their day-to-day practice. 
Sports injuries are often different from everyday injuries. Athletes will generally place a higher level of demand on their body, which stresses their muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones more so than usual day-to-day activities. Sports injuries can also vary depending on which sport is being played, and each injury has to be considered in the context of the physical demands of the sport or activity.   

As well as getting athletes out of pain and back to full function, sports physiotherapists are also focused on the performance and development of the individual.


What is the role of sports physiotherapy in professional sports such as the Olympics?


Physiotherapy has become an integral part of professional sport as well as the Olympic Games as the need for specialised medical teams has grown with professional and international sports.

The main role of sports physiotherapists is the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries as well as to provide performance support through injury prevention, maintenance and recovery interventions.

The common perception of the role of the sports physiotherapist in supporting athletes during professional sports is that physios only treat injuries. However, it has been found that sport physios are playing a much bigger role in aiding athletes in maintaining physical performance as well as aiding in recovery.

Sports physiotherapists working with professional athletes often practice ongoing management of pre-existing conditions/injuries.

It is evident that the role of the physiotherapist within the sphere of international sport, is vast and that the role goes beyond the treatment of injury to a much broader role which includes providing assistance with musculoskeletal maintenance and recovery as well as injury prevention strategies.

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