Dusting off your Takkies, Exercising & Masks… What’s the Deal?
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Dusting off your Takkies, Exercising & Masks… What’s the Deal?

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The birds are chirping a little earlier, a few hopeful shoots and leaves have started sprouting; we’re in the last month of winter! And as you can’t have a drink on Friday evenings anymore, you can easily get up early and train on Saturday!

While the days get a little longer and warmer, we’d like to salute our frontline medical staff for their continued effort in fighting the pandemic and encourage them through the last of the cold snaps where normal Flu wreaks added havoc. So as you dust off your running shoes or take your bicycle off the indoor trainer, let’s stay safe for their sake!

When you start getting out to train more often, make sure to take it easy; no one wants to ruin their newfound motivation with a pulled hammy (proper stretching and warm-ups are the order of the day)! 

Whatever you do, don’t forget your mask… again.

On the topic of exercising with a mask, how’s it working out for you?

While it is currently mandatory to wear a mask when in public, we have a few top tips to make it a bit more pleasant while training. 

– Choose a mask that suits you; there is no universal best option, our faces and preferences are all so unique that a bit of trial and error is in order. Comfort while exercising is essential.

– Choose a face mask that deals with sweat well; you’ll want to avoid having a soggy, chilly face. It should also be easily washable… for obvious reasons!

– Loose or tight, but large; our experience (yours may differ) is that a mask with a bigger surface, that won’t slip below your nose or above your chin, is best. Some prefer a tight fit with less movement, while others prefer a looser fit and a bit more breathability

– Don’t get disheartened; as training in a mask means you’ll be getting a tiny bit less oxygen into your lungs and therefore your muscles, you may notice a slight drop in your performance. On the plus side, the effect is similar to altitude training, so when you finally get to take the mask off, you should be a beast!

– Lastly, when you do get going, if you feel your hip creakin’ or shoulder squeakin’; give us a ring!

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