Groin Pain Is NO Game!
Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

Groin Pain Is NO Game!

“Our Pelvic Area is the center of our universe, if the muscles aren’t working we can’t move forwards” – Trevllyn Murray

While this may seem a little dramatic, the theory stands. The pelvic muscles are all necessary to move the legs in a walking motion. Amongst them, the adductors, hip flexors and rectus femoris (one of the quads) are most often associated with groin pain and injuries.

While it is true that groin pain could arise from anything as diverse as a hernia to testicular cancer, or from hip pathology to kidney stones; it is more often than not a tendon, ligament or muscle injury.

The causes of the strain could be intrinsic (e.g from faulty mechanics or overuse) or extrinsic (an incident, e.g. bicycle crash, sliding for a ball on the field).

Whatever the cause, we see a lot of them! The treatment for each case is largely similar in that it involves soft tissue treatment to the affected areas as well as an exercise regime to strengthen the injured area, and where necessary, to strengthen supporting muscle groups such as the core or glutes.

Whether you’re a gymnast, dancer, soccer player or a fan that strained your groin while enthusiastically denouncing the Protea’s current form, get in touch with us to get rid of your groin pain!



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