Perfect Your Work Station Setup.

Perfect Your Work Station Setup.


We’ve seen a big increase in patients with injuries and pain from sitting incorrectly, in the wrong chair or at a poor home work station set up; so we’ve decided to do something about it!

We’ve been trying out some ergonomically designed desks and chairs designed and made by Ergotherapy. They offer a great range of office furniture to fit anybody’s body-type and needs.

A lot of us have been working from home for a long time now, for some it’s become permanent. Unfortunately, this often means sitting on a sofa or in a dining chair all day, craning to stare at a screen.

If this is the case, it’s pretty much a matter of time until you start to feel pain, perhaps you have already. It could be your neck, back, arms, wrists, legs… anywhere.

The good news is that we have some hints on how to avoid pain by setting up a proper work station and sitting (or standing!) comfortably.



Top Tip #1

Get your arms comfy; it is essential to relax your shoulders by placing your desk or keyboard at the correct height. 

This will reduce the chance of building tension in your neck and shoulders, it will also allow you to keep your wrists relaxed, Just like our very own Shaun MacKay here.


Top Tip #2

Sitting in a chair that supports your lower and upper back, in their natural position is essential to preventing pain, especially if you are sitting in it all day. It will help you maintain energy through the hours, too.

Look at the shape of Tania’s back, and how it allows her to keep her weight evenly distributed and her thighs flat.


Top Tip #3

Place you feet flat on the floor, this will help you keep your weight evenly distributed, along with the correct sitting position. 

If you cannot touch the floor, try bringing the floor to you by placing a small footstool or a pile of books under your feet. 


Top Tip #4

Have you tried standing yet? No, we’re not joking! Standing intermittently or for the whole day is much more natural than sitting all day.

The most important factor here is raising your work station to the correct height, just like when sitting it’s crucial to keep your shoulders relaxed and your back in a natural position.

It can be helpful to alternate putting your weight on either foot, you could raise one leg at a time to rest it by placing it on a slightly raised platform.


Top Tip #5

If you want to be as happy and productive as Sue, pop past either our Bradford or Harcus Road practices and try out the Ergotherapy range of office furniture.

We’ll help you set them up and decide which products fit you best to keep you pain-free and working like a boss. Just like Sue.