Summer Running, Having a Blast! Pt 2

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Summer Running, Having a Blast!

Is the song still stuck in your head? It’s stuck in ours, (see the bottom of this emailer for a throwback treat)!

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the birds are chirping earlier and a little louder; let’s use that motivation to dust off your takkies and hit the road or trail!

We have pulled together three interval training programs to get you going from any level;

1. Returning to running following an injury or a long break of 1 month or more
(See previous mailer for details)
2. Return to running following a minor injury or a break of 1 month or less
(See this mailer for details)
3. Return to running following a minor injury or a break of around 2 weeks
(See this mailer for details)

The programs come from Blaise Dubois’ “The Running Clinic”; an essential guide for every runner! Follow the link to find loads of fantastic info and content.

“The Running Clinic is an organization providing continuing education to health professionals that has grown to become a global reference in the prevention of running injuries.”

Walk / Run Interval Program 2 & 3

“Return to running following a minor injury, an extended break or after an “off season” period requires a calculated progression. Interval Program #2 may be used when returning from a minor injury that required less than one month of rest.”

The three week program will take you through a series of intervals culminating in a full on 30 min run. it includes 5 sessions per week.

“Even high-level athletes, after resting for two weeks or more, will have to resume training gradually using a program like Interval Program #3.”

This short and intense two week program is designed for active runners, with seven sessions per week (including a few rest days).

Download full program HERE!

Free Beach Bod!

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try all three programs in a row? It will give you a full 3 months worth of interval programming and will get you your beach-bod just in time for the December holidays!

Remember that treat we promised? Check it out below, happy misty-eyed-Monday, and happy trotting!

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