Your Core is the Key!
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Your Core is the Key!

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Your Core is the Key!

Physiotherapy Bedfordview wishes every single member of our community a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous 2022! Let’s hope it’s not twenty-twenty, too.

This time of year is full of resolutions and goals; have you made any? Have you already given up on some? (No need to be embarrassed, it’s the way of the world)!

Whatever your case is, we have the only resolution that matters right here. If it is stuck to, it will improve your year, yourself and your body for the better; strengthen your core and keep it strong!

Core Strength

Our core – the groups of muscles that stabilize the hips, the shoulders and the muscles that make up the torso (front sides & back) – are the centre of our body. They keep us stable in all movement with the arms, legs and neck moving during functional movement.

The benefits of strengthening and maintaining your core strength are virtually endless because a strong core allows all other movements and exercises to happen properly, more effectively and with a lower risk of injury.

Benefits of a Strong Core:

  1. Improve your balance and stability – requirements for virtually any exercise or movement.
  2. Improve the transfer of power – create more power by tightening the abdominal structure.
  3. Reduced chance of Injury – correctly functioning core reduces the risk of overloading any muscle or group and stabilizes the spine.
  4. Healthier back – improves exercise form, reduces back pain
  5. Improve performance – go harder for longer, core strength reduces the load on all muscles which reduces their energy requirements.
  6. Improvements in virtually all aspects of physical activity; from bending down to tie your shoes to vacuuming, lifting, twisting and standing (with a proper posture).

Get going today! 
We have created a playlist of seven videos made by the wonderful folk at Rehab My Patient. Give them a look and try the exercises, if you stick to them – try 2 – 3 times a week if you have the time, or before/after your regular training – you should feel noticeable improvements within a month!

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